Who is SpiritOne?

SpiritOne was founded in 2012 at Pretoria Gauteng we specializing in Shop Fitting Turnkey Solutions, Project Management and Facilities Maintenance. Through our knowledge and expertise, we can provide almost any service or “object” that you might need, at the best prices and within the shortest possible time. Our turnaround time with store builds from inception to completion are between two weeks to a maximum of four weeks depending on the size of project.

Projects are managed and meticulously planned by our specialized Projects Manager and his team. We strictly adheres to the statutory regulations and local authorities.

SpiritOne is offering a single point for total accountability and we serve our clients with integrity and strive to make a difference with each project we embark on. Our qualified staff has extensive and expert knowledge in various fields of all our projects and our teams are well trained in all aspects. We can consistently render services of a high standard and deliver products of good quality. It is our desire to constantly push the boundaries of service excellence we offer at ‘no hassle to you’ solution to your maintenance and repair hiccups. We believe in maintaining your fixed assets before they become your liabilities. We work in every aspect of property maintenance, from initial clean-up after construction to regularly scheduled maintenance activities for extending life span of your property as well as preserving its look.

Our Mission

Through our innovative management systems and ideas, we can make your existing equipment last longer.

Our Vision

To be one of the top 5 leading Shop fitting and Maintenance company in South Africa and Africa.

Our Approach

Our Shop fitting and maintenance services involve assessment of the problem followed by upgrade, replacement, installations, repair, modification, refurbishment or configuration depending on the outcome of inspection or assessment

Our Services

The company offer shop fitting & maintenance services in the areas as indicated

Delivery Process Pillars


We have established regional offices in all nine provinces in South Africa of which each has got sub regional branches to make ourselves easily accessible to all customers in need of our services.


Confidentiality agreements have been signed with all our staff members and our contractors to ensure that information seen on client site is not disclosed to third party. Therefore, our employees can work in most secured and confidential environments such as banks, government departments, ICT, etc.


Our employees are well presented in a distinct company uniform always and with identification cards. This reduces the risk of wrong individuals getting access to our client’s sites under pretence/ disguising as our employee. Individuals and or companies convicted of wrong doing without an option to fine are not used by SpiritOne.


Our workforce is continually tracked via GPS technology on their mobile phones or cars. In this way, we can dispatch the nearest employee to attend to any emergency call throughout our operating region. The technology also captures accurate arrival and departure times on site to support our on-line job management system.


All employees and contractors are registered professionals in their respective fields of competencies.

Health & Safety

The company has got a “Health and Safety Policy” which articulates our health and safety statement as well as objectives. Workers have been inducted on this policy as well as on the “does” and “does-not” to adhere to Health and safety Rules and regulations. Induction also serves to raise awareness for workers not to endanger themselves in the process of discharging their duties.

Affiliates & Certificates