Shop fitting & Maintenance


Manufacturing of bespoke furniture, signage and fittings

Shop fitting installations and revamps

Signage and branding


Rubble removal

Flooring,  Tiles

Manufacture and supply of all office furniture

Designs, layouts and planning of all outlets

Specialized ceilings


Facilities Maintenance

Retrofit and modifications to existing outlets

Development and implementation of operating models and retail shop floor space

corrective maintenance

• emergency
• preventive maintenance
• performance testing

HVAC – Services
(Air Conditioning)

• HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning and Refrigeration)
• Indoor Air Quality
• Temperature Control
• Preventative Maintenance (Scheduled maintenance to prevent break down)
• Predictive Maintenance (Use of equipment or tests to predict when maintenance will be needed)

Glass & Aluminium

• Windows
• Doors ( shop front)
• Painting

Cleaning Hygiene & Pest Control

• Specialised Window Cleaning
• Specialised daily hygiene services
• Pest control programmes

Security Systems, Access Control & CCTV

• CCTV installations and support
• Alarms
• Radio

Supplying Equipment

HVAC – Air conditioner

HVAC – Accessories

Lighting – LED
Furnitures – Manufacture

Glass & Aluminium

Fire Solutions

Sprinkler and deluge systems

Fire Detection systems


Fire Equipment